Antje Leila Graul

I am a journalist since 2000. After studying politics and journalism at the University of hamburg, I worked for mayn years in various editorial departments and as a PR manager. 2004 my son Alfons was born, 2013 my daughter Mola.

Since 2010, I have done numerous seminars and further suidies and choaching and found out my very own unique potential: helping finding the way in life – by coaching and energetic texts.

Now, I write texts with all the energetic potential so they will really reach your readers.

You may know this: We read lots of texts only to already forget them again. We onl try to gasp them with our rational brain, since it is what they are texted for.

Other texts however go directly to heart. Even after weeks we still think about them since the triggered something in us. Why? Because the heart undesratnds differently than the brain. Deeper than the brain does.

When texts have this energy they touch their readers and unfold deeper feelings. This feeling enters the memory. For a long time. Sometimes forever.

Costs per day 640 Euro