Antje Leila Graul

Together, we will find a way. No matter, how it may look. What matters is, that it is yours!

Sometimes it is baby steps, sometimes it is a jump. Take changes that are necessary and achieve happiness, confidence as well as inner and outer peace.


Just talk. I'm listening. We share our energies. From heart to heart. You will hardly need my words. Your answers to your questions. Finding its way to you. I only prepare the way. In your heart. In your love. In your freedom.

Does our energy fit? In everything in life - some say - the chemistry must agree, I say - the energy has to fit. Therefore, I always offer a free first date, whether personal or telephone, where we can sniff and check out if I can help you.

Energy transmission is by the way also possible via phone or via Skype. Works the same way and is sometimes more practical, because time-saving.

My Clients.

Living in the fast lane, beauties and freelancers, visionaries with partly too many ideas and interests and offen lose themselves through that, learn to focus and to delineate. I support those WHO have realized that while they are financially and externally having everything in the outside in the inside they are empty and burnt out. My beloved Aliens, who are bored by almost all here on earth pretty fast.

My Support.

Rapid problem solving by loving clarity. Without emotional nebulization. Without score, without mine. Only yours. Your way! Without detours, without scatter, without flourishes. Inventory. Target. Create a program.


1. Adventure freedom. (2 hours) 1200 Euro
You still have no plan, but you feel the urge for change, according to your real you? Here we go! 2 hours personal or telephone 1200 including program creation and making contacts.

2. Change of direction (1,5 hours) 600 Euro
Need a new way? I clarify your decision. With my support, you'll be able to see your decision and meet it accordingly.

3. Your heart's desire (1/2 hours) 300 Euro
Do you know yours? You have long been a heart's desire? I'll clear the way. It needs less than 1/2 hour and costs 300 Euro.


Whether you're looking for an adventure, a change of direction, or a heart's desire, the path is the first time you are free and free to ride or just slender, at your own pace with your own preferences. You can do everything, but you do not have to do anything, just nothing.


Keep going. Your Way. Now it means feeling feel. Again and again, I am still on it or from the wayFor all three impulses, I offer you an individual program, where I support you at different conditions and with individual techniques.


3 months 1800 Euro at 2 hours and 3600 Euro at 4 hours per month

6 months support costs 2 times 1 hour a month 3000 Euro, with 4 times a month 6000 Euro

12 months support costs at 2 hours per month 5200 and 9800 Euro at 4 h per month

(Tel. Mail, Personel)

The fulfillment of your heart's desire will not only make you happy. Please contact me. I am looking forward to support you!!!!!