Antje Leila Graul

Meaning of my life? My goal in life is to lead by example and help bring light into the darkness for people who are strugging to find their way. The aim is to get them to the stage where they can see clearly by themselves. I see myself as a guide. My greatest wish: May all beings in all worlds be happy.

Spirituality? 2010 I landed in my first meditation group. Slowly but surely, aha-experiences showed up that stilled my constantly chattering mind. From then on my inner peace gradually grew.

My way? All this has brought a nice turn into my life. Now I am happy to walk through the streets singing and dancing taking everybody with me. We all want the same thing: to live happily and to give and receive love.

My life in ten years? I don't really care. I live in the NOW ;-)

Here you will find some more information about me:

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