We love Thailand

Let's start at the beginning

Today is the 11th of March 2017. I am sitting here at the Infinity Pool. Birds are singing, the sea is rushing. Small waves are tracking the sea back to the beach. Alfons is enjoying the water. Mola is sitting behind me. She is cauhging. She was really sick for the last two days. High temperature. I was almost dead because of worries...

This was mainly due to the fact that my teacher Agni released the brakes and also released a dragon line in the area of China. The huge energy wave sloshed clearly on us. One week we are already in the beautiful Thailand and I will not get rid of the feeling that we could stay here forever despite sick Mola and a few worries. But let's start at the beginning.

Via Kiev to Bangkok

Our journey began on March 4 at 8:39 am at the Hamburger Dammtor station. As smart as I am, I have selected the cheapest flight. A wealth of travel experience that is the nonsense and never pays off. Hopefully, I remember that next time ;-) Approximately 1500 euros cost our three flights. From Düsseldorf, via Kiev to Bangkok. With Ukrainian International Airlines. Sure, this is a bargain. But the money you save is to be given at the airport at the latest.

Well In any case we took the Intercity to Düsseldorf. From there we would fly to Kiev Bospyril. One hour 15 minutes transfer time. In the run-up, I was still afraid that it might get scarce. But it was easy. A bit too loose, because our flight was delayed by three hours. Why? No announcement. After two hours at least a sandwich and water. And the likelihood that we'll get away today.

The Good: We met three early 20-year-old girls. All on different paths, but all on the way to Bangkok. Finally the redemption: our aircraft Airbus 330 was ready for boarding. From the outside the machine looked completely fine. It was not quite full. The only shocker, especially for Alfons: because where in the front seats normally the small screens are stuck ... No screens ... I had to grin. I was already warned: "Take all the iPads you have with you to entertain your kids. It could be that there is no board maintenance ... "

Since the outward flight went overnight, we snored directly after the dinner, which was quite disgusting. Mola slept best, almost the entire flight. Alfons also almost. And that, although he was only toned, wanting to stay awake, to play the whole night on his new Nintendo switch. Even I slept a few hours. So we landed at about 1pm in Bangkok. Thanks to time shift, six hours plus. And thanks to Mola we came quickly through the eternally long queue at the passport control. With small children you are preferred. Jippie! I slumped our backpack from the luggage rack. Then we twitched to the train. Yeah! The same. Still with my EC card some cash pulled at the machine. Change once. Also the easy. Our station Asok. There were two Dunkin 'Donuts for Mola and Alfons and a Cappuccino for me.

Afterwards we trot 15 minutes to the Mövenpick Hotel Sukhumvit. This I had booked in advance of Secret Escapes and for two nights at the price of 140 euros. Very chic with breakfast and rooftop pool. Perfect. On Sunday we did not do much. Relaxed by the pool. Shuffled to Mc Donald's at the 21 Shopping Center. I pampered myself as Mola and Alfons with iPad armed in the luxury bed chillten briefly a foot massage in the connected wellness temple next door. 300 baht, about 8 euros. At least that was still like my first trip to Thailand about 15 years ago. Apart from that, a lot has changed. But more about that later.

Bangkok - City of Angels

On day two, well slept and super-saturated from the mega-delicious breakfast, we set out to explore the giant metropolis Bangkok. An adventure! Even if you are on your own. It's hot and stuffy. A lot of traffic. Far too many cars, exhaust fumes and waste. Thousand noses. Millions of odors. Not always bad ;-) Expecting little smog.

With two children, the Big 12 and the Little 4, the whole is a bit more adventure. But nice! You see everything with different eyes. Stunning, where you have not been amazed for a long time. And pauses. I'm usually speedie. This time, rather, Slowie. OK then!

So we went by MRT train to the Chao Praya river. There we boarded a water taxi, which drove us over 1400 baht almost two hours across the river. We passed temples, the Hilton, the famous ShangriLa Hotel, the canals, the pile huts of the locals. Super exciting for my kids. And really practical. Mola made her noon, a nap on my lap. As she slept peacefully, I looked at my son. Tears rolled down my cheeks. Certainly, a bit of suspense fell from me, but mainly I sobbed with pride and joy. How lucky I am. Two such great children.

Sleeping abruptly ended. We arrived at the pier. Mola looked a little desorientated. First to Alfons, then to me. Shortly thereafter happy again.

Zack zack in Tuc Tuc

We grabbed a Tuc Tuc. Dusk to the ShangriLa. Quickly slipped past the front desk to the elevators. Let's see if we get somehow high to enjoy the view. Ah, it worked. How cool. We felt very cool when we reached the top of the 25th floor, scurrying over the thick carpet to find a window. But misrepresentation. No window. For that two house ladies. They greeted us kindly. Did not ask what we were looking for. Good! Back to the lift. One floor below a bar. There are windows. Properly combined. And rewarded with awesome views.

Back out of the hotel we stumbled directly into one of the innumerable massage parlors. Two times foot massage please. And an armchair for Mola. Alfons got a pretty girl and I got a sweet transe. They massaged wonderfully, and by the way they entertained Mola as well. A wonderful hour. Thank you. Oh by the way: Thailand is super child-friendly. Much more than Italy or Spain. As sweet as I do not go with kids in my opinion. Really great! Great experience! Added recovered feet. We could keep on going..

Wat Po

Next Stop: Wat Po. This impressive temple complex with the huge lying golden Buddha I wanted my children to see. Good idea! My two loved it. Alfons snapped countless photos with his Iphone. Mola was happy in the main over the giant gold fishes and the cute cats. Then we wiggled over the seemingly endless terrain around the Königspalast. In a super evening light around 6pm, half an hour before sunset. You are controlled by the way and should have your passports. Of course we had not... But luckily I had scanned them before travel because of safety reasons. We were allowed to pass and marvel at the royal palace.

We then chartered a Tuc Tuc again. Resting to the Siam station, ate a little in one of the many shopping temples and drove by MRT back to Sukhumvit. There we inquired in the travel agency how we could go next day to somewhere. We did not have a precise plan for where to go. An hour later I knew: Koh Chang will be our next destination.

I booked at 11am on the 7th. A taxi for 4000 baht. Almost 5 hours drive. Plus ferry from the Center Point Pier at Laem Ngop (40 minute crossing for 120 baht one way for the 3 of us) and continue to just before our Mac Resort at Whitesands Beach on the so called elephant island Koh Chang. Our driver was fantastic, thank you. The Mac Resort, right on the beach, cost us impertinent 400 euros for the four nights we spent there. Great location, but quite overcrowded. For a price of 100 euros, Thailand is already a luxury. But as I said: the location! Directly on the crashing ocean, with white powder sand, warm waves and long flat, so that we could jump like young dogs through the waves.

Unfortunately, Mola got a high temperature in the night of our arrival. I calmed her and gave her a suppository, which caused the temperature to drop only slightly. I stroked my hot little until she fell asleep and watched every breath. The next morning, she beamed at me, "Mommy I’m fine again." So we had breakfast, splashed in the sea and in the pool. Luckily, she was really better. And luckily it was covered. The sun had shaved my shoulders the day before. Despite sun protection and only one hour in the sea with sunshine. Wow, that never happened to me before.

Riding the elephant

Koh Chang, Elephant Island. Elephants were of course high on our list. In the early afternoon we grabbed a taxi Tuc Tuc to Kai Bae. I had only read good things about the elephant camp there. An hour ride to third through the forest, then a half an hour show and then a half hour swim in the sea with baby elephants. The latter unfortunately could only enjoy Alfons. All the more. Mola hung in my arms. Fever again. Slowly I got a bit scared. Dengue fever?

Back in the Mac hotel, she slept directly after another suppository. I quickly flashed to the door to get Alfons dinner. The night was getting restless again. But the next morning I felt that it was over now. We spent our remaining time on the beautiful island with bathing, massage, delicious food and extensive beach walks.

Mango Beach Resort

On 11.3. We were swimming and splashing again, eating breakfast and a big pizza 310 baht, almost 10 euros. 12.30 came the taxi to the pier. 1.30 pm the ferry took off to Laem Ngop. After 40 minutes we arrived there. And no driver in sight. Valerie from the Mango Beach Resort yesterday emailed me that our pickup will wait for us... After a short telephone call and ten minutes waiting time came replacement and brought us after an hour trip to the luxury resort, that I had already booked in advance on Secret Escapes. Seven days for unbeatable 297 euro. With breakfast, sea view, infinity pool, private beach, mega bungalow and the most cozy bed of my life. Wow! Beautiful!

Nevertheless Alfons and me we were very disappointed at arrival: no human soul except us and the employees. Chef Valerie said that for the last five days she had worked out a complete wedding with a large company. Tomorrow would be coming four more guests. And even more. OK. What most annoyed us was that we were so remote. 25 kilometers to the border of Cambodia somewhere in nowhere. No supermarket. No massage room. Nightlife ?? The perfect place for silence. But also perfect for us?

Change of perspective

We ate deliciously after we had taken our bungalow and spent a nice hour in the pool. Mola swam in front of us. Alfons and I sniffed our frustration with solitude. Suddenly we got the hang of it. Laugh and knew we were stranded in paradise and will make the best of it. Enjoying everything to the fullest. As always in life, it was about expectations and perspectives. Expectations simply times omit and perspective simply change times. And I can tell you: from this moment on we had a fantastic stay at the Mango Beach Resort.

After dinner a driver drove us to the next village. This lasted untroubled 20 minutes. There, we plunged into the small but fine supermarket and covered ourselves with chips, sweets, and biscuits. Back at the resort there were still three Pixie books for Mola, selected by her, read by Mama. Then sweet dreams for all of us. For me anyway.

Full moon and good vibrations

On March 12th. Our second day at the Mango Beach Resort, the full moon was already powerful, but we felt very comfortable. Dream weather, dream location. The perfect luxury. The breakfast was fresh and delicious, even if there were no pancakes for Alfons. It was a little dramatic for him, he would have liked pancakes very much. In the afternoon we spent an hour in the fitness room with treadmill and stepper. With fresh breeze from the air conditioning and cool music from the iPhone. It was really fun. Alfons jogged a bit and found it quite exciting to try a treadmill. Mola danced.

Later Alfons went for his massage. Radiantly he came back to us girls. Mola paddled alternately with floats, floats or naked belly on my hand through the infinity pool. Alfons dived beside, jumped from the edge of the pool, threw me either frisbee or ball. Lovely. The whole pool for us.

I climbed between times briefly from the refreshing wet, dictated my dictation app on the Iphone our experiences and then tapped hard, so you can read our stories. Unfortunately, the app still does not understand me vey good, so I have some more to improve. But still more effective than just having to hit the keys.

Happiness and inner peace

March 13th, really arrived. We splash into the pool and in the sea, enjoying the sun and the beautifully planted area. Observe lizards that are shaking in the shade. Grilling chirping. Various birds sing their happy songs. I let my thoughts wander.

Whenever I am traveling, I notice how little you need to be happy. Happy and content. I look at my two children. They play fervently. Despite the age difference of almost eight years. You can see and feel the deep love that connects them. A joy. This time, all the more I felt, as I could see how precious such moments are. Mola is already a little tense and quarreling. Sure, I know that this is especially due to the momentous, crumbling energetic upheavals. And these are super important and liberating and I feel an indescribable joy about it in me. Nevertheless, a moaning Mola is a real challenge. Everyone who knows my little one will grin now.

Most nights here in Thailand I have so far with little sleep spent. I'm not tired of it anyway. The dear God really only sends us challenges that we can master. And sometimes you have to jump. About your own shadows or midway through. My chakras work perfectly and on high tours. Everything is in the flow. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

The 14th of March. Mango Beach Resort. Although we actually wanted to go away on the first day straight away ;-) We found an unexpected paradise here. This can not be said otherwise. It filled itself day by day with other tourists. The night was unfortunately sleepless again. Mola had a sore throat in her right ear. Three suppositories for Mola tonight. For me little sleep. In the morning, she was lucky again. Take a look. I, contrary to expectations, fit. Shortly after 6 springs jumped directly into the pool. A good refreshing hour. That's me. With movement, my system runs most smoothly. I get the best ideas and the worries, which also want to torment me from time to time, pull quickly away from. Like foggy winds on an awakening late summer morning. Short meditation. Facebook and emails. Ah okay. Totally unstable earth magnetic field. No wonder Mola is so close to the wheel.

My sweethearts are still pounding. After breakfast we want to go to the fishing village next door. Let's see what next door means. According to the reception it is two kilometers. Little change and sweets shopping. Quite without it is not. Alfons can then be massaged again at noon. Had not expected him to enjoy it. Later then as yesterday afternoon standup paddling on the sea. Mola in life vest in front on my feet and Alfons alone. Be the first. In the evening a great thing awaits us. An extensive Thai dinner. I'm curious how Mola and Alfons will like it. I love it.

Delicious Dinner

15th of March 2017, Day 11 of our Thailand adventure. Still at the Mango Beach Resort which I highly recommend. It's all just fantastic here. Not only the great resort. The staff are all kind, friendly and attentive and make every wish come true. Also the environment is a solitary tip. Simply lonely and pointed ;-) As original as Thailand 15 years ago was on my first visit. Yesterday and today we were on a bicycle and explored the environment. Yesterday two kilometers to the left: Public Beach. Today seven kilometers to the right: untouched nature and occasionally a small collection of houses called village ;-) A great hello from each passing scooter, a warm hello from everyone we tried to ask something. I could swear that we were the first long noses of her life.

Now Mola and I are sitting on the beach in the bright white sand. No people. No noise. Just the sound of ocean, wind and palm trees. Alfons still hangs in front of his Nintendo Switch. I leave him. Holidays are holidays and should be fun for all of us. Mola stands naked in front of me, her swimsuit in her hand. She wants to swim so much. My little water. But after last night was finally painless and her ear recovered. All right. "But we have to be careful that no water comes into the spoons." So we bounce to the belly through the waves. Mola shines with the sun. Me too. Alfons soundso. He's so cool. By the way, he learned German "Der Erlkönig" extensively and presented him full of fervor. "Super emphasis" comes promptly a praise from the vacationer next door. Alfons proud. Mom, too.

The highlight yesterday was the dinner. One week Mango Beach for 300 euros including breakfast, two massages, two dinners. Yesterday we greeted us Set A. Super delicious. But incomprehensible much. After half, we completely stuffed felt into our cuddly soft bed. Our set D is in two days.


Now we are already in the air. Sunday. 19 March 2017. 1 pm Bangkok time. An exciting holiday is coming to an end. 6 pm we end up with Ukrainian International Airlines in Kiev. Our next flight to Düsseldorf only the next morning. Crap In Kiev, it will be around 7 degrees. And our jackets are in the suitcase. Our luggage is in contrast to us directly after Düsseldorf checked through. Velvet jackets and wallet. Well, that I put my Visa card before in my pocket, because we succumbed yesterday to the shopping noise in Bangkok's shopping stamp Number One MBK.

Fantastic! We really enjoyed to plunge after six days of silence at the Mango Beach Resort. The noise, the people and car masses, the smells, the countless foodstuffs, a hip hop festival, consumption.

But we remain chronological. The 16th of March. Thursday. Our last day at Mango Beach. I woke up early again. The pool cried. I had a cup of coffee. Mola woke up and looked quite cheerful. Alfons was still asleep. So we two girls went to the pool, armed with towel and iPad. Mola watched her youtube movies, I pulled my tracks in the well-tempered pool. A good hour. Alfons walked around the corner. We sat down for breakfast, chatting with other guests, surfing. Sometimes it is almost impossible to imagine that we could live without Internet.

After frying and coffee I grabbed Mola and bike. Sniff some other air. We cycled through the almost untouched landscape to Public Beach. Sipping water with a view of the turquoise blue sea, the Gulf of Thailand and dripping after a short break back to Alfons, who was too hot for cycling. The sweat ran down my spine. Mola laughed, "Mom, you're all wet." The moments of her laughter were unfortunately rare on this trip. Too often a pain arose. Since yesterday evening, the tummy tugged. The hot lunch time we spent in the shade of the palm trees on the beach. Later we jumped through the waves.

A means even D sometimes

In the evening we were expecting the second dinner. Set D with tons of treats. I got a giant fish swimming over the fire. In Lemon Chili Sauce. Wow! Fully fed, we ballied for our last night into the heavenly soft king bed. After three Pixie books, Mola rushed. Me three minutes later. Alfons was still playing with his Nintendo Switch and Freddie. Via Skype. Life without internet?

Friday, March 17, I took my mandatory lessons through the pool early. Mola was also allowed to paddle a bit in the swim ring. Alfons, who had slept a bit longer than usual, came and we had a delicious breakfast of pancakes, fresh pineapples and watermelons. Checked out, welcomed us cordially from all and let us take to the bus station in Trat. There we actually wanted to get a bus or mini van to Pattaya. But we would have had to wait almost four hours for the next descent.

So we opted for a mini van to Rayong (500 baht for us 3), a station off Pattaya. Also on the coast and seemingly much nicer than the replaced Pattaya, as we all assured. Three hours drive. We were there, Ruckizucki. Mola slept well for almost two hours. The abdomen no longer hurt. Alfons and I decided to go on to Bangkok. Then we do not need Saturday again on the road and we could still a whole day in Bangkok immersed. Also finally go shopping times, all of which so enthusiastically. So we grabbed some supplies at the Rayong bus station and then the next mini van to Bangkok (480 baht for the 3 of us).

Mini Van to Lat Krabang

At around 7pm out of the van in Lat Krabang, a train station in front of the airport. A taxi bobbed us directly and took us to the hotel BS Residence. I had the Mango Beach Resort by booking.com already for the night 18./19. booked. 25 euros. Looked quite well. With a large pool. Very practical thought of me, so we had to relax on Sunday just before 10 to the airport. I thought we could probably check in for the night…

The lady at the front desk was totally unfriendly. Today they are almost full. We would have to buy another room. Almost twice as expensive. And the next day we would also have to change rooms. This is my Thailand experience this time. Most of the people you meet are super friendly, warm and attentive. But there are now some who try to rip off one. Of course, this is not by chance, if I were Thai, I would find many tourists also appalling and difficult to bear.

We always made the most of the situation. Put our things in the completely loveless furnished overpriced room and moved to the market, which directly in front of the hotel its goods offered. A couple of clothes. In the main, but food in all imaginable variations. We looked, amazed and sniffed. Our dinner, however, we were more concerned about the 7Eleven.

Shopping at the MBK

The next morning, the 18th of March, my mandatory jump into the pool. Lovely. One hour. Just me and the cool wet. Saturday. We wanted to shop. The MBK was already luring. Taxi through the mega traffic. Lasted almost one hour. For 250 baht. Now enter the huge department store. Eight floors. No idea how many shops, restaurants, dental, hairdressers, massage parlors and other beauticians the MBK accommodates. It is the shopping must in BKK. Even if others prefer the Siam Peragon right next door, for me the MBK is and remains an absolute original and highlight.

In the late afternoon and early evening - heavily laden with several bags and a high of the shopping noise - we grabbed a taxi which brought us back from the glittering world to the latitude of Lat Krabang. Another nearly one hour drive. 400 baht. Alfons I gave 300 Baht for his well-deserved foot massage. He trotted away with pleasure. Mola and I, on the other hand, carried our last 200 baht in the 7 eleven. Burnt on the last dime. I've never done that before. We crumbled to the room, zipped a bit of iPad and disappeared into our last Thailand dreams.

March 19, day of departure. Immediately after waking up I hopped a last time into the pool. While my two two still snored peacefully, I drew my tracks and let my thoughts free. Afterwards quickly back, the kids gently wakened and we took a shower. Attracted. By shuttle to the airport. Checked in. Everything went smoothly. Until we could see again - with a full-bodied Burger King bag under the arm - that there were no screens. Alfons was horrified. I had to resist my grin. A little late the plane flew us then in eleven hours to Kiev. And astonishingly the flight also passed without films like in flight.

Around 7 pm we landed quite k.o. In Kiev, got the boarding passes for the journey to Düsseldorf and left the airport after the passport inspection. Cold. Tired. Well, no matter, we also create that. First time to the money machine. Then to the taxis. 15 minutes later at the Hotel Stara Vesha. Extinct. The receptionist of the English language not powerful. I paid. We got our key and fell into sleep.

The next morning, March 20, the transfer to Kiev Boryspol Airport was completed. One hour late. Again no information. There were a lot of Ukrainians who were drunk on the bright day. Incomprehensible. They turned to us, and they were circling until they were empty. I was quite mumbling by the breath of those present.

Our train stepped straight as we collected our luggage from the luggage. But luckily there was another 30 minutes later another connection to Hamburg.

Thailand. We will come back one day!

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