Thank you, thank you, thank you

Self-responsibility sets you free

My God, today I could burst! Soooo happy, sooo grateful, sooooo melt with joy!

For more than six years I have been on my way. I have meditated, attended seminars, devoured literature. Always by my side, my friend KrishnaMa, who, in a divine patience, threw out every trauma out of my system, helped me to make her aware, accept and release, so I finally understand. I understand my soul. My soul with all seeking and finding or not finding always consistently happy. Only my humanity was, in part, groundless. And now that: I feel infinite happiness.

Thank you!!!!!

I would like to share my just found treasures with you. Here are the important facts, which let my heart jump:

1.The most important gift you can receive is your own decision. Your decision for yourself. You just have to decide "deeply" in your heart that you want to live. With all the consequences. You're worth it. You are love. You are the most important person in your life.
2. Then it goes on the same. The topic of self-responsibility is immensely important for your development process. Everything, really everything that happens to you in life happens because you wanted it like that. Hard Tobak, right? But it is like it is. You create your own reality. Every thought, whether conscious or unconscious, materializes and becomes real. You meet exactly the situations and people you need. Always to learn something essential for you. And even if it is sometimes damn modest and you'd like to run away, just look at it and fathom, master your learning unit. If you do not, you will encounter exactly the same situation and exactly the same person again and again - as long as you have understood and solved it for you.
3. It is also important to get as much as possible from the unconscious into the conscious. First step! Second step: Thought hygiene. If every thought of you is love, you will only experience love in the outside. This is the reason why I recommend heart meditation so often. If you take your heart and love alone for 15 minutes every day, it is only 23 hours 45 minutes a day, when other thoughts (which are often not love) are rushing into your parade. On top of that, you become more and more oriented in the course of time and also in everyday life, when you can not meditate your thoughts and orient oneself to the love. Another, very nice side effect of meditating is that when you listen to your heart, you come to the subjects that are slumbering in your own unonsciousness and very often prevent you from loving. This is the third step. Take the help that shows up to you. Solve what prevents you from loving.
4.Trust! Trust yourself! Everything comes exactly as it is right for you. How your soul needs it.
5.Love. Be happy. Be you. Be free.

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