Driving a car in Italy

August 2011, Alfons and me again had to travel. This time: Sicily. Two weeks of adventure. That began on the approach to Catania...

Volcano Etna spit fire. We almost could not have landed. Wow, that looked impressive. Later landed, luggage sacked, car hire taken. We started to drive to our resort. We did not have a map, a navi not at all. It was good that Etna was so active. We could orientate on it and then after two hours driving we finally arrived at our hotel. I have to admit that I am often something spontaneous. Luck has always worked well so far.

Well, anyway, I'm not the safest driver either. Although I have my driving license since my 18th birthday and not yet got a single point in Flensburg. The latter is, however, the main feature of the fact that I have never owned a car and, consequently, was rarely motorized on the roads. Actually, I was driving at home only when no one else wanted to, or even when I was on holiday with Alfons. And then also without twitching an eyelid. No matter whether right- or left-hand drive, automatic or gear shifting, chaotic environment or Sunday driving - I was able to handle all situations. My guardian angel always took care. Sometimes sweating really hard. But still I always had that trusting trust, even if my trust is not that strong.

When I some weeks ago had to write a text on the topic of trust, I really could have written about anything else than that. I and trust, there must be a lot more. I often do not even trust myself. Others much less. Everyone dies on his own - and that's how it is. So one of my life motifs. I think, at least even since my birth. Of course, I know that there are reasons for this. I also suspect some. Only I do not know yet and especially not yet, how I create a change of perspective. But the day will come. I’m sure.


Well, we arrived safely at the Nike Hotel in Giardini-Naxos. While Alfons crawled directly into bed without detours, I quickly grabbed our suitcases. Done is done. Midnight. I was about to go to bed too when a firework started suddenly. Wow, that's what I call a greeting. First the Etna and now also a fireworks. I woke up Alfons and we looked at it from the balcony. Great. After that sleeping was really necessary.

The next few days we explored the beach, the sea, the surrounding area. Ate Lasagne, Alfons favourite meal, and greeted us every evening while strolling back to the hotel an ice cream on the promenade. Alfons Lemon. I took something with bits and chocolate. We really enjoyed life. The sun shone every day from the blue sky, we bathed in the sea, swam around the bet, built sandcastles, bathed us alternately in the warm sand or played beach ball.

Gockel or Gigolo

One morning we were just playing Beachball when two young guys were addressing us. In German: “Pretty Mama, we’d like to release you when playing.” First I did not want to, Alfons and I had so much fun and did not need other people. But they seemed to be very nice and we chatted a bit.

Quite quickly the conversations became more profound. Since I have been dealing with spirituality, I always try to come to deeper meanings. Well, you just take more and more true and if you already see it, then the mechanism immediately sets in, because you look more closely and best to find a solution immediately. And, oddly enough, one suddenly meets the people who have to be meeted. 

Long story, short sense. So we had pretty quick spiritual conversations. Exciting. The guys were already intensively concerned with the whole connections. I was a bit surprised. They did not look like that. At first glance I had thought of them as Gigolos. I had watched them, grinning, as they prowled along the water. Never judge somebody on the first glance...

Also the next days we met the two at the beach and chatted until they invited us to visit them at home. They wanted to cook. And drums they also had. That sounded interesting, especially to Alfons. So we went to visit them in the afternoon. Alfons was allowed to act directly on the drums while they showed me around. Kind. But suddenly, the one offered me that I was a beautiful woman and not just a mother and that I could be spoiled by them. 

Aaaah. I noticed how everything panicked in me. What was that offer? I wrestled my compliment and said determined no. I grabbed my Alfons and we went out of the dust before the food. I was completely disgruntled. What had made this guy into this offer? Disgusting! For a long time this question wore me. I found no answer. I just knew I never wanted to get back into such a situation. Fortunately, the guys had apparently got it. They did not dare to visit us the next day at the beach.

Volcanos and Dolce Vita

Alfons and I enjoyed our last days, looked at the pretty little old town of Taormina, drove to volcano Etna, which had calmed down a bit, made a trip to Panarea and the volcano island of Stromboli. Gondolas with the boat of our hotel waiter through hidden grottoes and enjoyed ourselves and the dolce vita.

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