Morten Harket

I just have a favorite song again. I hear it up and down – sing it aloud whenever I can and feel unspeakably happy...

As I said, I just have a real favorite again. "Do you remember me?" by Morten Harket, the former frontman of the Norwegian band a-ha ("Take on me"). And yes, when I was a teenager, I totally adored him - like millions of girls of my generation. Man, the man was the reason for many sleepless nights and tons of dreams... Actually I am / always was far too cool to admit this, because I always was one of those indie, rock, drum'n'bass sort of music lovers - somehow a-ha did not really fit to my natural coolness. Much to mainstream.

Anyway, and maybe exactly for that reason, I am writing this blog today. I am not only indie ;-) I love his voice, the melancholic yet euphoric melody, the lyrics. There is sooooo much love in it. I just need to think about the song and I get goose bumps.

Yesterday I searched the Internet for some news and “accidently” found this great interview with him, where I particularly pleased his answer to the question of the heart cutter to the heartbreaker. Maybe it is also exciting for you...

Interview mit Morten Harket

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