Love and let go

What is hurting more

What is more selfish? To hold onto an unfulfilled relationship or to let it go?

If you hold them, you will not only rob yourself but also your partner the chance to find someone with whom you can lead a fulfilled relationship. You are not only deceiving yourself. The other can never find his way and his beloved. For both - as I think - a punishment.

I know there are many reasons to stick to a relationship and not give it up, so to speak. One likes the other, one has built something together, maybe one has children, knows the strengths and weaknesses of the other, just as he knows them, feels safe and secure, is afraid of changes, the consequences of a separation, feelings of guilt, fear of hurting the other. The latter holds many to go their own way out of a relationship that does not meet. "I do not want to hurt my partner.

But do you hurt the other much more if you remain? He too deserves to meet someone who really loves him, right?

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