Gratitude and its side effects

Thank you! For a few weeks I feel deep gratitude every second of the day. A crazy feeling. Really! Somehow my life is even more beautiful... How can this be?

I still remember exactly when this happened for the very first time. Every cell of my body felt light and free, and I would have preferred to hold on to that moment forever. But since that was impossible I had to think about another resolution. I wanted to have that feeling again. My researcher-gene was awaken promptly.

I tried it again the next day. I sat down and meditated. After a while, pictures from my past were showing up to my inner eye. I looked at them closely, remembered the feelings which I have had in that situations and thanked myself for every experience. And I can tell you there were not only wonderful memories… But nevertheless, I opened my heart as much as possible and said thank you.

When I opened my eyes after a while I felt wonderful. Refreshed, lightly and recovered. I was smiling.
From now on I did this exercise as often as I could and taaaraa: I feel good and can just recommend: Try it out! I'm curious how you will experience this...

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