Freedom for Dummies

Where to find freedom

The road to freedom: freedom, regardless of what happens in the outside, I am always free inside. There is sometimes a long way to go. But no matter how long it takes, it is always worth it.

Here comes my - as I find - ultimate guide for all those who do not want to be free just above the clouds.

1. I notice I have a basement.
2.I should take a look at my basement.
3. I go down to my basement.
4. Phew, what does it look like? Over the years, a lot has accumulated. At first glance much too much, hardly to be overlooked.
5.I begin to look more closely. And take the first part. I had no idea it was down here. Now I know it. It will make me aware.
6. I look further and take a stock. After some trips to my basement, I now know what I've been hiding down there. Uiuiui, quite a lot. Most of the things I had completely forgotten and not only that: I do not need them any more. And now?
7. I begin to separate. The good in the pot, the bad in the droplet. What I still need, I dedicate, clean it up and release it from its basement existence. It finds its place again in my apartment. In front of the rest I stand a bit helpless. Should I simply dispose it? There are still memories ... Maybe I'll need it again someday ... I've got it from ... I convince myself and decide bravely for letting go. If it is in the basement anyway and I did not even know that I have it, then it can not be that important for me and my life.
8. But I can not do it alone. What do I have to do? This question concerns me a few days.
9. Suddenly a flash of mind, an idea, the certainty. I need help.
10. I like to help. But accept and receive help? Phew, damn hard. But still I accept the most obvious help. The one that simply shows "random". For my basement, a clearing company. For my soul, I find the helper quite the same, purely "coincident" and intuitive.
11. I still have a basement.
12. In my basement there is nothing left, which I no longer need and which hinders me unconsciously. Facilitation. Freedom!

I wish you lots of joy and courage and perseverance !!! It is worth it! Promised!

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