Fear is the greatest enemy of love

Brave like a child. On the playground.

Love is our strongest force

Yesterday we were on the playground. I have to admit I don't really like it. But my daughter loves it and thats why i sometimes go there. Well. I witnessed something that irritated me sustainably.

I experience a father who takes his about 3-year-old son and tells him that he should not let others push him, but hit back. The 7-year-old, who seems to have teased his son, he insults loudly. Some parents notice the incident, rolling their eyes. I can not react either. I'm only shocked to hear such a thing.

A little later I see how father and son leave the playground and I stand up. Although I notice that powerful fear of the coming situation is rising in me, I extend my heart and talk to him, who is still mad.

"You, I just heard what you said, and I wonder if that's the right thing you teach your sweet sprout. I can understand that as a father, you protect your child as a lion." I notice how I start to stutter, as fear rises from my navel chakra. Especially as he replies, "I know Jesus preached, if someone slaps you, then let him slap you again. But I will not tollerate my son always being the victim. And if I slap you a your husband will probably come and slap me too." I extend my love even more, enclose him with it and we continue talking. "We know that violence only produces counter-violence and war has always led to a new war. We want our children to have a loving peaceful future..." I feel how I stop stuttering. He, on the other hand, gets quieter.

When we say goodbye, there is no resentment, no aggression and no more fear. I'm glad.

Wow, how great life is playing. How our soul is always looking for situations in which it can grow. Me always wanting to avoid tricky situations, I stood up against my fear and was able change it to love. He is now driving home and will surely react differently in a next conflict. Yay!!!!!

Why am I telling this? Fear is the greatest enemy of love. And love is our strongest force. Please stand up against your fear, and love!

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