Easter holidays 2017

Wind of change

Good Friday 2017. About two hours ago, Mola, Alfons and I have landed by IC at my family in Rostock. And whenever I am here, my family sames are knocking at my door and want to be led by me into peace. Quite exhausting when it happens unconsciously...

In the past I was always wondering why I suddenly got so sad and came within me, the grief, the darkness, the feeling of having to leave quickly. Today I can easily enjoy a wonderful time with my family. I am very grateful for that. Because I am aware that those feelings are the subjects of my ancestors and I can react accordingly.

So I used the rain pause, Got mom's bicycle from the cellar and went to Warnemünde to the beach. A nice tour through the forest along the coast. A total of 23 kilometers, as my daddy betrayed me. He rides this route itself every day in wind and weather and uses it for himself and his soul. He has the info from his bike computer.

The wind blows a stiff breeze over the Baltic Sea. The sky shines in a thousand different shades of gray and blue. The sea is roaring. I have to kick my ass. I love it. With every breeze, my head becomes clearer, my thoughts pave their way, my energy flows.

I've written the blog "Freedom for dummies" here and told you only the own experiences, which you drag in the own backpack around. I would like to expand that today. For, of course, all the previous incarnations and those of your ancestors are also present. Yes, you have all the experiences in your luggage. They have given their experiences and wisdom to you. Never to harm you, always to support you. Nevertheless, much of that what they have given to you is useless and often even burdensome. And it is precisely these incriminating experiences of your ancestors that are now to be redeemed, dismissed, and free and exhilarated without advancing in your life. But how do you recognize them? And how do you get rid of them?

No fear! If you can tell now, how a giant wave spills over you. You are ready in the present time to wipe it. You will redeem exactly what can be saved. For you, your ancestors, and for your descendants. This is the grace of this time. This is the grace of the Golden Age.

Free yourself and your family

I want to tell you a story from my life, to explain it a bit more vividly. I had a long time in my life feeling not at the right time in the right place. I heard voices and saw things that no one else saw. I felt the energies of my counterpart and felt that I could heal something. Which of course I never said or even did. I would have been sent to the next institution.

At some point I dared to tell my mother about it. She shrugged and said that her grandmother was a healer and wanted to give that gift to her. "I did not mind," my mother admitted honestly. "Mummy, you would have told me that earlier. That would have saved me a lot." I thought, but at the end Iwas glad to finally know why I got the whole thing. At some point I could even see it as a blessing and not as a curse. Until then, however, it was a long way.

If you are very advanced with regard to unconditional love, you can safely solve such stories alone. Then let unconditional love flow into all these family ties, which you have recognized and beg for salvation. If you notice that it does not dissolve and still pulls, then find a helping hand. I have used some Gauri Gathas at my dearest KrishnaMa. They have brought a lot of liberation. Many of my colleagues from the Insha Heilernetzwerk offer parental karma detachments, which I can also highly recommend.

Why am I calling you such a liberation? You will find more to yourself again. You will recognize a little more who you really are. And you will live more and more the you in you and not the lives of your parents and grandparents.

If you are a parent, you can spare your children a lot. Everything you have redeemed will no longer need to be redeemed. From the beginning, they will have the chance to take their own white sheet of paper and fill it with the dazzling colors of their own being.

By the way, now I know why I sometimes prefer being on my own than being with a lot of people. I perceive the energies around me and up and down at a certain point my system strikes and roars: Overload. Quick, pull back and find yourself again. Otherwise you will lose yourself. People who know me know this and aren’t surprised when I leave.

I cycle back home. To my parents. To my children. To my family. My head is free, my heart is bouncing. We enjoy the Easter hoildays all together.

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