Brain versus heart

Happy heart

I was lying next to my little Mola and meditated. When she felt asleep on my breast, a sudden question came into my mind:

In my last seconds, what do I want to hear me saying about me and life? I have always been sensible and everything went smoothly in my life. The only problem: I've never figured out and I’ve never really done what I love. Oh my God, no!!!

For a long time in my life I was almost always reasonable. I thought carefully and weigh what was the right step in this or that situation. My decisions came out of my mind. I rarely listened to my heart. Like, for example, with my little Mola, who is just snorkeling beside me. When I got to know that I was pregnant, my heart started to jump. But at the same time my mind began to chatter.

And still I decided to follow my heart. For no reason besides love. And every day rewards me with this little creature. If I were to die anyway, then not everything has gone smoothly in my life. But I loved! Phew, thank you my little heart for your strength. And thank you my dearest mind that you gave up and let my heart win this fight!

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