Antje Leila Graul

Each soul has incarnated with a reason for this - our - earth. Often we do not know this, we may know it. Sometimes a picture suddenly appears or an experience supplies "aha" effect. Sometimes we only notice an indeterminate pull. Then you also go. You run and run and still do not arrive. Or you are facing a branch in your life and you have to make important decisions. What direction should it be?

For all these situations, I can offer you me and my impulses from the bottom of my heart and I am delighted if I can help you to understand yourself a bit better and to recognize more and more why you are here.

Each one of us has a certain gift, and mine is that of preparing ways. My impulses shoot whole stone walls out of your way, if it is your heart's desire and also really your way. Copies I can not support, only the uniqueness of each of you.

Born in Rostock in 1973, I was educated in the big world after high school and commercial education. At first I escaped from my hometown to Hamburg, where I studied political science and journalism.

Afterwards I worked as a journalist for many years, in Hamburg, Munich and Düsseldorf. Traveled a lot - often for professional reasons - but mainly to satisfy my longing for unknown countries, foreign cultures and new horizons.

Always in the search for freedom, I quickly realized that something had to happen. The experience so far did not really satisfy me. No matter where I went, I always took me with me.

Then I stumbled into my first meditation group in 2010 and had some life changing experiences. I started my way - to happiness and inner peace. In 2004 my son Alfons was born, 2013 my daughter Mola followed.

I completed the following seminars and trainings:

„Path into the Light“ (2012)

"Starlight Retreat" - Visions for the Future (2012)

"Internal communication with children" (2012)

"Who am I really?" (2013)

"ACC - Alpha Chi Consultant" (2018)

With enthusiasm, boundless power and loving clarity, I support you in finding your own path, listening to the call of your heart, and following it. My energy will blow you free with unconditional love!