Antje Leila Graul

Hands up, you have found your way here! Jippie, I'm looking forward to that like Rumpelstiltskin and of course I hope very much: this was only the first stroke and the second follows at the same time ...  

Your way. Your decision. My pleasure.

I support you on your way. On your roller coaster of life. It can be very fast. Fun is to make it. You may be happy. Never again in the wrong movie. You write the script of your life. Let me be your co-author. Here we go! Take my hand.

You do not need my hand. Better my pen? I also write. Your visions, your thoughts, your business.

Why do I blog here? For one thing, I love to write. On the other hand, I believe that there are certainly a few people out there whom I will never meet personally, but can also touch them through my blogs from afar.

If you're interested in my way: I've written a book about it.

PS: And for all that I can not, I recommend you from the bottom of my heart my experts called heartperts.

Das Gras ist immer grün

Ich bin ja so ein Duracellhase und wenn ich mich nicht bewegen darf - irgendwie rennen, radeln oder sonst irgendwas - dann krieg ich einen Rappel. Also bin ich heute Morgen, nachdem ich meine Kinder in die Schule abgeschoben und den Ruf meines Schreibtisches erstmal überhört hatte, ein Stündchen durch Lübeck gehoppelt. Natürlich mit Knopf ähm Musik im Ohr.

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